Metallic Filter

  • ₹550.00

Dehran Filtech Metallic  Filters are designed for medium to heavy usage where frequent cleaning is necessary. Metallic Filters are proven filters for domestic and commercial heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. Can be used as roughing filters in air handling units or as phase filters in kitchen exhaust installations .Metallic Filters are permanent filters with layers of aluminium slit and expanded into mesh of differing densities.


Model No: M Series

Frame Type: Box/ Flange

Frame MOC: Aluminium /Galvanised Iron/ Stainless Steel

Filter Media:  Aluminium Expanded Mesh/ GI Wire Mesh/ SS Demister mesh

Filter Class: G3

Test Standard: EN-779

Initial Pressure Drop: ≤ 3 mm of WG

Final Pressure Drop: 12 mm of WG

Gasket: Optional

Size: 610x610x50 / 610x305x50/ 305x305x50

NOTE: Custom Size available as per requirement 

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