Pre Filter

  • ₹650.00

Dehran Filtech Pre Filter also known as a Primary Filters, Basically, it is essential for the removal of insects, pollen, dust, hair, fibers and others.  This Filter material of the product is composed of the synthetic non- woven fabric. It has large dust holding capacity and long service life. Widely pre filter used for Air-condition & Cleanroom, are provided to customer as per choice.


Model No:  WP Series

Frame Type: Box/ Flange

Frame MOC: Aluminium /Galvanised Iron/ Stainless Steel

Filter Media: Synthetic Non Woven/ monofilament nylon mesh

Face Velocity: 2.5 m/sec.

Filter Class: G4

Test Standard: EN-779

Initial Pressure Drop: ≤ 4 mm of WG

Final Pressure Drop: 12 mm of WG

Gasket: Optional

Size: 610x610x50 / 610x305x50/ 305x305x50

NOTE: Custom Size available as per customer requirement 

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